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Cheese Toast

Prep time - 3 mins

Cook time - 2 mins

Total time - 5 mins

  • Araliya Seeni Sambol

  • Araliya Mango Chutney

  • Shredded Cheese

  • Bread

  • Butter


Step 1

Cut the bread loaf into slices and spread butter on to the two slices.

Step 2

Spread a bit of Araliya Mango Chutney on a slice.

Step 3

Over the chutney, spread a table spoon of seeni-sambol as shown in the video. Ensure that the edges of the bread are covered.


Step 4

Spread enough butter on the outer sides of the sandwich. Use a sandwich press or a frying pan over a medium heat. Toast  for 2 minutes until the base goes crispy, light brown and evenly coloured. 

Araliya products used

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