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Fried Chicken Burger

Prep time - 10 mins

Cook time - 15 mins

Total time - 25 mins


2 tblsp Olive Oil
2 tblspn Araliya Chili Powder
1 teaspn Araliya Chilli Paste
2 tblespn Araliya Sweet Chilli Sauce
1 teaspn Garlic Powder


Cheese Slices


Step 1 - Make the seasoning for the chicken or any meat. Add Araliya Chilli Powder, Araliya Chilli Paste, Olive oil and mix well. Cut the chicken into thin slices, and marinate it. Leave it over night if possible.


Step 2 - Pan fry the chicken - Heat pan and add butter. Pan fry the chicken thighs for 10 mins (keep flipping them) make sure both sides are cooked. Add rosemary for flavour. 

Step 3 - Make a burger sauce - add in garlic aioli or mayo, Araliya Chilli paste (for a spicy burger sauce), Araliya Sweet Chilli Sauce and mix well.

Step 4 - Assembling the burger - Cut the burger bun into two and place it in a pan (heated with butter) and burn it for 2 mins each side). Add the burger sauce in step 3, Lettuce, Tomato, 2 chicken slices in step 2, Cheese slices.


Step 4 - Heat more burger sauce, add cheese and pour over the assembled burger before serving.

Araliya products used

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